Turba Gallery Hannover July 12 – August 12 2018

Turba Gallery Hannover July 12 – August 12 2018

Elsewhere is here : Anderswo is hier’
The Turba Gallery, Linden, Hannover

An exchange between a group of artists in Bristol and Hannover, which marks the legacy of the 70th anniversary of the twinning between the two cities.
The exchange will be the first of its kind during the 70 years of twinning between the cities of Bristol and Hannover. During the course of 2018/19 the Bristol artists will make a trip to Hanover with the artists from Hanover making a reciprocal trip to Bristol. All artists involved will make new work to be exhibited at an exhibition in each city at the end of their respect visits.
The exhibitions will focus on new works in the areas of sculpture, performance, painting, photography and drawing.
Artists: David Morgan-Davies, Robert Luzar, Catherine Knight, Alec Stevens, Ruth Piper


Image: A4 watercolour on paper