Collage 2012/13


'collage no.3' 2012 82 x 60cm

‘collage no.3’ 82 x 60cm

'collage no.2' 2012 82 x 60cm

‘collage no.2’ 82 x 60cm

'collage no.4' 2012 82 x 60cm

‘collage no.4’ 82 x 60cm

'Loves me-loves me not' A2 Collage

‘Loves me-loves me not’ A2 Collage


‘Silent Running’ – A2 Collage

'All in a daze work' A2 collage

‘All in a daze work’ A2 collage

'Land of plenty' A2 collage

‘Land of plenty’ A2 collage

'Life is a dogs bed of roses' A2 collage

‘Life is a dogs bed of roses’ A2 collage

collage 1-15-76.5x56

Collage – no.1 – 76 x 56cm

Collage - no.3 - 76 x 57

Collage – no.3 -76 x 56cm

collage 2-15-76.5x56

To be or not to be – 76 x 56cm

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